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From Pudong to Osaka, Japan Airlines. Ctrip booking a few months ago, the summer peak should have not yet begun, the price is good. Airport parking is also set on the Ctrip, seven hundred and forty yuan, considered convenient. Airport received a scheduled rental wifi machine, the network access to travel necessities. Before the line is more worried about the weather, Shanghai in early June from the beginning of the typhoon. The day the clouds closed, flight steward showed a lot of flight delays, but the flight was fairly smooth, although the queue waiting to fly, playing off for about an hour. JAL more intimate, because with a pair of children, folding carts in the terminal, the staff on behalf of the collection on behalf of carry her class, a family of four followed the business class priority boarding. All the way downwind, customs staff attitude and stewardess than it is really muddy of the other. Although Buzhi Yu call blackmail, but not polite politeness, Japan, Southeast Asia can be imagined. For the three subway to Kyoto, and now think quite agonizing, but not tired at that time. One less, can sit; Second, the environment clean and quiet, not impatient. To the end of the taxi to the hotel, set in advance on the Internet B & B, expensive, experience the next Japanese-style living. Easy to enrich the Japanese parent-child travel The driver spared half a day alley, also call the front desk to find, fortunately did not go to the bus, otherwise I could not find. That is very partial, the results go out foraging, only to find in Yasaka Shrine next to a road. Another benefit of the B & B is a sense of intimacy, a daily greeting in and out, a feeling of home. Easy to enrich the Japanese parent-child travel The next day Gaotai Temple pocket circle, Kyoto said that the Tang system, in fact, not the same, and strong wind. Relative to the domestic attractions, people are less true, go out early, all the way down a beautiful. Afternoon to the water temple to see more people, a lot of kimono girls, and later an observation was found, Kyoto is basically a temporary rental of people in Beijing. Although there is no violation of sense, but the metro and the bus met the real kimono Aboriginal than, heavy makeup gorgeous, but a sense of cheap. Incidentally, to see kimono walking in the subway, it is normal, people feel and no difference shirt skirt; I do not know why the Han Chinese clothing in the street, it will appear strange or Bo out of place, because not everyday clothing. Easy to enrich the Japanese parent-child travel Afternoon rain, go back to the children sleep a little later, got up Benjin market, always go together to eat the meatball Sashimi, and then slowly walk to Kamogawa. Before leaving the documentary on the Kyoto, to the river suddenly remembered, mentioned a temporary build here, this high-profile, this proof of the feeling is very wonderful. Easy to enrich the Japanese parent-child travel Slowly watching the way back to the hotel, his son had an interest in the beverage machine, back and forth pondering, and finally went home to collect thirty or forty bottle ... Easy to enrich the Japanese parent-child travel Physical strength is also good, probably six months ago, I feel a lack of exercise, daily work climbing floor, from the underground garage to the fifth floor, plus one two three lobby itself to be higher. If the equivalent of ordinary residential buildings, about 10 floor climb. This time to see the benefits of walking, climbing is not tired, up and down the subway stairs (many do not lift), holding the baby and baby carriage, free up and down. The next day in the Yasaka Temple near the stroll, go up there are several temple parks. Noon passing a small shop, waiting to see the team is very long, so happily line up, did not expect such a ... ... nearly an hour. Mother said there is a sign similar to the owl, be rated as a popular food shop. Go in to know why a long time waiting in line waiting for the meal, is the whole group of people after eating, clearing, and then into a new group, think about the loss of a certain rate, but can guarantee dining experience, dining, Into the out, after all, a very small place. Easy to enrich the Japanese parent-child travel To spend the trail to turn the circle, the replica watches main visitors, lackluster. Intentionally around the alley to see houses, playing in a strange city, it is best to go a little further, to get lost, and then all the way to see look, and then ask to go home. . Dinner to the ramen, not to enter, that the wrong door, left to see the right to see another sign, and then into the file again, to a grandfather to help us ... ... to the vending machine before the original self-help ticket. Easy to enrich the Japanese parent-child travel Back to the hotel, the landlord said to eight points down, specially invited geisha to perform, there are bonus programs ... on time, tatami sit. Roughly seven or eight guests, beer snacks, in addition to performing also arranged Q & A session. The landlord specially invited two college students to translate, laugh and laugh for an hour, very thoughtful, very happy. And then learned that in July, the shrine has a sacrificial activity. Easy to enrich the Japanese parent-child travel Check out the next day to pick up, continue to Yasaka Shrine, is running into the worship team. Read a, not so much worship, as it is performing. Easy to enrich the Japanese parent-child travel Continue to subway trains in exchange for to go to Osaka, the hotel lay down their luggage, Ben electrical market. Son went to the casio watch, I go around, all the way to see the electric piano, looking for their piano uncle to buy last month models, a price, than I bought the price is also slightly higher, comforwatch. Go back to pay for his son, easily copied an electronic clock as a harvest. Shun went to the black gate market, close a lot, but enough fruit. Easy to enrich the Japanese parent-child travel official authorization] casio Casio new solar watch sports watch male watch AWG-M100SLY-1A1390 元 天猫 Featured links Easy to enrich the Japanese family travel CASIO temperature and humidity electronic alarm clock (DQ-981-2DF) (DQ-981-8DF) Taiwan's official website direct mail import 185.22 yuan Heavenly Cats international direct link Easy to enrich the Japanese parent-child travel Easy to enrich the Japanese parent-child tour Roland Roland RP401R 88 key digital piano electric brown 7300 yuan Amazon China direct links Easy to enrich the Japanese family travel middle-aged uncle's piano Dream: Roland Roland RP401R 88 key digital piano When reading high school in the grandfather bookcase, pulls out a cover of the "Fu Lei home book", such as the sobering. Although the piano was not even seen at that time, but the swiss replica watches book to keep turning one to two times a year rhythm. Until now, as a still in the heap can not find the magic are middle-aged uncle, a pair of children's father, time and energy are more tight Baba. Suddenly feel that time is a dream, after all, what time is not late, as long as you like. Fu Lei family books (hardcover) .. ningqun | like 106 comments 80 collection 149 view details On the fourth day from Osaka to Nara, the subway soon, on the road to see the deer, screaming. Bought a bag of food hidden in his pocket, all the way to feed the past, do not want to be inserted in his pocket about two maps were Diao. Along the way there are museums, Buddha Statues, interested. If an adult to enter, is 500, but with a child, it only received 410, point praise. Rented a narrator to his son, a Chinese, stroll for an hour. Spring big agency, a little shopping, the tourists a lot. East Temple did not enter the door, across the railing took two, his son said walk. The fifth day of a temporary decision to Kobe, see bread Superman ... Although Osaka has Universal Studios, but the United States have been to Singapore, plus the project line up, with the baby or forget. Nianger three into the playground, I went to the beach to go a circle, see the field of Western-style wedding. There is an outdoor grill, but reservations are required. Fortunately, all around the food department store, noon out to find a restaurant, the point of beef, his son liked to eat. Afternoon to brush a while playground, return to see a SEGA, excitement zone son thrown into a few coins. To the hotel below the cooked food supermarket, crazy to sell a number of sashimi cooked meat, get two cans of beer, a few days into the hotel in addition to ramen, do not think how to eat, to their own tonic. The last day of his wife said to shopping, the replica watches morning ran to the black gate market, the food to eat over and over. And then went straight to Shinsaibashi, but somewhat disappointed, the exchange rate, clothing advantage. Only drug store to help a friend with something, all these years the sea Amoy globalization, do not have to play out of the bag. WeChat was reminded near herz, handmade leather goods store, driving a Google Maps ran past. Not bad, bought two purses. Downstairs two handmade girl, suspected to be routine, is definitely a high-Yan value, the feeling is not a worker, but the reception ... ... no map, the most beautiful, to stay in my heart. SEGA poor son to find, very, very excited, a four-story play up, but not to enter the fourth floor, that is dedicated girls ... ... Mei Mei sleep, the very next day morning, the bus site in the hotel downstairs, take the plane back to Shanghai. Out to play it, do the homework plan is to, of course, to break the plan, with the play is necessary